Top 3 Warning Signs You Need Brake Repair

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When it comes to car troubles and repairs, brakes can be one of the most serious issues if left unrepaired. If your brakes give out it can result in damage to not only your car, but it can affect the safety of you and your loved ones as well. To prevent these issues, here are the top three warning signs that you need brake repair.

big indicator that you need brake repair
  • Brake Light is On – One of the most common signs that you need your brakes checked or repaired is the warning light on your dashboard. This light will appear when your vehicle detects an issue or needs an inspection.
  • Vibrating When Braking – If your car vibrates when you press on the brakes, this usually means you need brake repair. Vibrating of the brakes usually indicates an uneven rotor issue. When you hit your brakes, your brake pads will hug your rotors to slow down the vehicle. Because of this, you want your rotors to be even and smooth.
  • Noise When Braking (Squealing/ Squeaking/Grinding) – When you brake, do you hear a horrible sound such as squealing, squeaking, or grinding? If so, this is a big indicator that you need brake repair. Squeaky brakes typically indicate that you need new brake pads so there is a nice cushion between your brakes and rotors. Additionally, a grinding noise can indicate something stuck in your brake system that is causing issues.

We hope this guide has helped you determine if you need brake repair for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding brake repair and the services we provide, please contact us at Mid Carolina Diesel today.