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Truck inspections are important for safety and performance.

Truck inspections are an integral part of safety for you and the people you share the road with. Not only should you be concerned with DOT inspections, but you also want to show you take safety seriously. This can prove beneficial in the case of an accident, should authorities or an insurance company attempt to cast a shadow over the condition of your truck. Here at Mid Carolina Diesel, we provide truck inspections for our customers in the Mocksville, North Carolina area. Whether you are an owner-operator or you have a fleet as a trucking company, we can develop a schedule for inspections that protects you from safety and performance challenges.

Truck Inspections in Mocksville, North Carolina

Safety aspects of truck inspections include primarily checking the brakes, lighting, alignment, and tires. In an accident, these are the most common contributors that you can be held accountable for. While any of these could still pose a problem even just a few miles after an inspection, you will have proven they were checked for safety in a timely manner.

Performance is another reason for truck inspections. To remain profitable, you need your truck to operate efficiently and reduce the chance for a breakdown. We will check the engine and transmission to be sure they are functioning at peak performance.

The Benefits of Regular Truck Inspections [infographic]

We have more than 30+ years of experience in the truck and trailer maintenance and repair industry, so you can be confident that your truck inspections will be performed accurately and properly documented for your protection. Contact us today to schedule your first inspection and get set up on a schedule that suits your needs.


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