3 Signs That You Need a Transmission Repair

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Your transmission is an essential part of the engine that controls how fast your wheels are turning and responds to shifting gears. It’s one of the most important systems in your vehicle to keep you moving safely on the road, so it’s important to pay attention to it to ensure everything is functioning properly and getting repaired as needed. Here are three common signs that it might be time to get a transmission repair.

3 Signs That You Need a Transmission Repair

  1. You’re having gear issues: Your transmission is responsible for changing gears, so if you’re having issues shifting gears, it’s likely time to schedule a transmission repair. Some issues might include the gears sticking, the gears randomly shifting while driving, or shaking or grinding gears as you shift gears.
  2. Your vehicle is making unusual noises: Diesels are naturally loud vehicles, but the unusual noises like whiney or clunky sounds coming from the front of the vehicle should be causes for concern.
  3. You have a transmission fluid leak: A transmission fluid leak can usually be pretty easy to spot or smell. You might smell a burning scent coming from under the hood of your vehicle or see a puddle of reddish liquid under the vehicle when you leave it parked.

Whether you’ve noticed any of these three signs in your vehicle or not, it’s important to always pay attention to even the smallest changes in the way your transmission is working. If you catch the issue right away, it might be the difference between a minor transmission repair and a complete transmission replacement. If you’re concerned about your transmission, give us a call today at Mid Carolina Diesel.