How to Tell if Your Truck Lighting is Working Correctly

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Here at Mid Carolina Diesel, we want to help you keep your truck in the best possible condition and make sure that every part of it is in good working order. One of the most important parts of any truck when it comes to safety, both of you as the driver and of others on the road, is the lighting–after all, you need to be able to signal to other drivers when you are about to turn, change lanes, or brake. In this article, we’ll go over how to tell if your truck lighting is working correctly so that you can catch any problems early on.

How to Tell if Your Truck Lighting is Working Correctly

Testing your truck wiring is best done with two people, as you will need one person to watch the lights and one to operate the signals inside the cab. First, you will need to connect the cab’s wiring to the trailer’s wiring. Then, have one person turn on the engine and signal a right turn, a left turn, pump the brakes, and even turn on the hazards for good measure. The person observing should take note of which, if any, of these lights are not coming on when they are supposed to. From there, you can pop out the defective light and try a new bulb to see if that was the problem and test the wiring with a voltmeter to see if that’s where the issue is. Alternately, you can bring your truck to our team to have our experts take it from there.