Signs You Need New Truck Tires

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Getting new tires is important for your vehicle to drive properly. However, this is a service that can often be overlooked. You should replace your truck tires approximately every 75,000 miles to ensure that they function properly. Here are the top signs you need new truck tires.

guided you through the signs of needing new truck tires
  • Sharp Pulling in One Direction – If your vehicle’s steering is pulling sharply in one direction, and your tire pressure seems to be correct, this is a sign that you need new tires.
  • Uneven Tire Wear – Uneven wear on your tires is a sure sign that they are not aligned properly, and you need new truck tires. If the wear pattern on your front and back tires match, you are most likely well aligned. If not, ask a professional to check your alignment when you go in to have your car serviced or inspected.
  • Crooked Steering Wheel – A crooked steering wheel is an obvious identifier that your wheels are out of line and you likely need new truck tires. This means that your misaligned vehicle is causing your steering wheel to be off center.
  • Vibration of Steering Wheel – A vibrating steering wheel is commonly a sign of two things: either an unbalanced tire, or your vehicle is misaligned. If you are experiencing vibration from your steering wheel, this is a sure sign to get your vehicle inspected. During your inspection make sure to ask for them to specifically check your tires and alignment.

We hope this has guided you through the signs of needing new truck tires. If you have any questions regarding our tire services, please contact us at Mid Carolina Diesel today.