Here’s How We Can Take Care of Soot Buildup in Your Truck

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Today we had a truck come into shop that has the check engine light with fault codes, such as differential pressure and high soot load faults. Soot can cause many problems, actually the majority of check engine problems come from soot buildup, from the build up on sensors, EGR valve, Turbo, VGT, DOC filter just to name a few. The Teraclean process will eliminate those problems. The Teraclean system is plumbed into the intake and exhaust sides of the EGR piping, then introducing a solution into the system alternating between intake and exhaust. The system will completely remove soot from intake manifold, combustion chamber, EG valve, EGR cooler, Turbo, VGT, DOC filter and cleans DPF filter around 65% as well as cleaning all sensors. Mid Carolina Diesel is the ONLY company that offers this service in our general area, we have done quite a few trucks and the companies are very satisfied with the results!

If there are any questions about how the system works in more detail, or to schedule a cleaning, you can give us a call at Mid Carolina Diesel. Ask for Jerry and he will be glad to answer any questions.

Get your exhaust in tip-top shape with The Teraclean process at Mid Carolina Diesel!