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Get peace of mind when you rely on us for all your fleet maintenance needs near Advance.

Whether you operate a small fleet of trucks or a very large one, fleet maintenance is one of the most important considerations for which to plan. Regular fleet maintenance increases the percentage of your fleet that can be on the road at a time, as well as making it less likely that one of your fleet vehicles will experience a sudden breakdown.

Fleet Maintenance in Advance, North Carolina

If you are ready to ensure the smooth operation of your fleet in or near Advance, North Carolina, give us a call at Mid Carolina Diesel. We have experience in all aspects of trucking, from operating trucks ourselves to completing routine maintenance to performing major repairs on trucks and trailers of all makes and models. Maintenance often reduces the number of surprise repairs you have to complete and also reduces the severity of those repairs when they do pop up.

We can take care of a variety of engine types with an emphasis on diesel. We can help you care for, repair, diagnose, and maintain your fleet, regardless of its size, age, or the miles you are logging on your vehicles. We can help you determine the necessary intervals for various maintenance items, as well as assessing when it may be time to retire certain vehicles because it is no longer cost effective to maintain and repair them.

Get peace of mind when you rely on us for all your fleet maintenance needs near Advance. We have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and skills necessary to keep your vehicles rolling and ensure that you don’t lose business to truck problems. Give us a call today to discuss your fleet and your unique needs.

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